conchas muertas

branding system

Our mission is to bring a diverse group of people together to enjoy various cultures through taste. 

Conchas Muertas is a conceptual Latin Bakery set in Los Angeles, California. We* envision Conchas Muertas becoming a chain bakery in every major city across America. Each store will have a wide range of pastries, sweets, drinks, and finger foods from all over Latin America, we hope to have the menu constantly changing as to capture every culture equally. This branding system is specifically aimed toward Mexican culture. Our brand is the only chain of bakeries that builds a community of diverse people that want to learn more about Latin America while also enjoying everything they have to offer. 

logo progression


final logo

color palette

Conchas Muertas is a Latin influenced bakery mixed with a modern punk rock edge that welcomes a diverse audience to come have a taste of traditional staples from various Hispanic and Latino countries. The inspiration to combine a skull with conchas, which are a Mexican sweet bread, comes mostly from the holiday Dia de los Muertos which is a day that honors the dead. Here at Conchas Muertas we aim to connect different groups of people since Con Conchas No Hay Tristeza. The two main colors used in the brandmark are in reference to the intense, vibrant culture that comes with being Latino.  

type palette


worker uniform


The design for these uniforms was inspired by Los Angeles Cholo Hispanic culture. We went with a button up shirt with a design on the back with our slogan. 

worker apron


concha muertas food truck


Our food truck was made to be stationed in food truck areas selling sweet bread and finger foods, but also to be driven around as promo. We chose to make a food truck as a nod to the panadero that used to drive around our hometowns selling bread from the back of their cars. We decided to go with a bold in your face design to match our brand.



take out packaging


*We and our is used in place of I. These projects were produced and made by me, Nicole Marie.