Tea packaging system

Our mission is to share our passion for tea while reinventing the way consumers view tea and to continually delight our customers with every sip they take!

Here at MITÉLOGIA we* strive to give our customers a unique, fun experience while also breaking the boundaries that tea companies have to look and feel a certain way to sell tea. This company was created with the thought of redefining what it means to not only sell tea, but to who exactly tea is aimed at. Each of our flavors are inspired by a different Latin urban legend blending illustration and photography to create a unique style that comes only from us. 

logo progression + final logo


The idea for the logo came from using different icons of each urban legend we have to have an ever changed logo to fit in with every consumable. We wanted a bold, in-your-face typeface with icons to match that shared that same bold edge to them and that would easily be interchanged for the 'O'. The ones currently used in our logo are a guitar for El Sombreron, a teddybear for La Llorona, and a goat for El Chupacabra. 

color palette

type palette

tea bags


loose tea cannisters

Each of these would be in their respective tea boxes; the green belonging to El Sombrerón, the berry belonging to El Chupacabra and the blue belonging to La Llorona. 


The hibiscus flavor of this brand is based off El Chupacabra. 

El chupacabra is a legendary creature in folklore originating in Latin America, with its first purported sightings reported in Puerto Rico. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, including goats.

We chose to go with hibiscus because of its reddish color, which also inspired the color choices for this flavor's system. Since El Chupacabra was often spotted in rural woodsy areas, we went with an abstracted leaf design with some illustrative overlays. 

The mint flavor of this brand is based off La Llorona. 

In Latin American folklore, La Llorona is one of the most famous oral legends. The lore states a woman was abandoned by her husband and was left alone to raise her two sons, whom she instead drowned in a river out of grief and anger. As a result of her actions the woman is condemned to wander for all eternity until she finds the bodies of her children, often causing misfortune to those who are near or hear her.

We chose to go with mint because of its the icey nature one usually relates to mint which also inspired the color choices for this flavor's system. Since La Llorona is always spotted around water we related that to water and ice so we went with an abstracted icicle design with some illustrative overlays. 


The Chamomile flavor of this brand is based off El Sombrerón. 

El Sombrerón is also a bogeyman figure in Mexico.El Sombrerón appears at dusk, dragging along a group of mules carrying coal, with whom he travels around the city and its neighborhoods. When a woman responds to his love, he ties the mules to the house's pole where she lives, unhooks his guitar and starts singing and dancing. Some residents from the neighborhoods of La Recolección and Parroquia Vieja say he still wanders at nights when there is a full moon.

We chose to go with chamomile because of its the calming nature relating back to El Sombrerón luring victims away which also inspired the color choices for this flavor's system. Since El Sombrerón is always spotted around small towns we went with an abstracted trees design with some illustrative overlays. 

ready made tea


hard iced tea


Theres been such a surge of hard drinks, cocktails, and seltzers coming to the market so we decided to create our own. These would be marketed to the legal tea drinkers who still got some party and spunk in their systems. These would be great at a kickback or barbecue.

For the hard iced tea we wanted to make sure the teas stayed similar enough but also different than our non-alcoholic beverages. So the pattern of this one is solely based on the illustrations that were more of an overlay on the others. Being an alcohilic drink, we wanted these to have a darker edge for them which is why the coloring may seem darker.


*We and our is used in place of I. These projects were produced and made by me, Nicole Marie.