Reinventing the way film and digital photography interact with the world, inspiring users to never stop creating.

Wiggle is a conceptual rebrand of the camera Kickstarter RETO3D*. As 3D photography is a specific type of film photography, most film users may not be aware of its existence. The market is lacking of 3D camera and its price in the 2nd hand market is unacceptably high. We* analysed the old stereo cameras and improved the design of ours. Wiggle is small and lightweight, affordable and easy to use. It has a built-in flash and it's film-saving! We are also developing an APP for users to make GIFs much easier, which resolves the complicated and time-consuming process of using PhotoShop.

final logo

color palette

The logo was inspired by the grunge party culture that surrounds the youths that we as a brand target. A written logotype perfectly captures the youth, fun, and rebellion in this specific demographic. We chose to go with a red and pink shadow behind to not only reference the 3-lenses our camera has but to also capture a friendly but fierce energy.


type palette


social media feed

The inspiration behind the front page of the Wiggle website stems from the hipster grunge party scene. With handdrawn elements and a DIY collage style of photo, we wanted to make sure to keep the personality authentic and clear.

photo editing app

sample gif image

*We is used in place of I. These projects were produced and made by me, Nicole Marie. 

*All images used were taken by Reto3D or from their social media.