branding  + illustration

Our* mission is to stay authentically ourselves every step of the way in becoming a household tequila name but to also have fun doing it. ¡Vamos!

Xoloitz is a conceptual tequila brand initially created with the concept of being a subscription box sent out to buyers. Made entirely from 100% agave, Xoloitz was created by Nicole Marie with the intent that the distillery would be in Mexico to stay close to our Mexican roots but distributed throughout the United States along with Mexico. Being rich in history, we took some of the Latin flair Mexico had to offer and thus Xoloitz was born out of passion, rebellion and love. 

logo progression


final logo

Keeping true to our roots, the concept for our logo and name came from Ancient Mexican folklore. The dog used is a xoloitzcuintli, or xolo for short, which is not only the national animal in Mexico but also the Aztecs thought the dog to be born from the bone of life by the God of Death Xolotl. The xolo dogs were thought to be guides through the underworld on the way to the heavens, which also connects to our choice of colors. Death is heavily celebrated throughout Mexico often with parties, flowers, and bright vibrant colors. Wanting to emulate that, we chose to go with this vibrant color palette.  

color palette

type palette

worker event uniform for men + women


The design for these uniforms was inspired by old aztec warrior outer-wear. The intention for these would be to use them for promo bartenders who are either visiting clubs, bars or events. 

promo vehicle


tequila bottles

For our tequila bottles we wanted to keep the in-your-face vibe our entire brand while also still being high end. Our cork would be in the shape of the xolo dog while the entire bottles would be embossed in the floral patterns used throughout our branding. Here you can see three bottles, one for blanco (white), anejo (gold), and reposado (aged).

shot glasses


snapchat filter

Here is a snapchat filter made to for publicity to get others talking about our company but to also have something fun for people to do while in attendance at one of our events. The filter would have a subtle background but be mainly focused on the face where we'd have a dog skull in reference to our logo. 


*We and our is used in place of I. These projects were produced and made by me, Nicole Marie. 

*All images used were taken from online free stock images.